New Vehicle Rules in India: 5 Things You Must Know

If you also have any kind of vehicle, then this news is of great use to you. Actually, a new draft rule related to vehicles has come.

It will soon become mandatory to put a fitness certificate and registration mark on the front glass of the vehicles.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways issued a draft notification on 28 February 2022, in which information has been given about the new rules.

It has been said in the notification that the validity of the fitness certificate and the registration mark of the motor vehicle will have to be displayed on the vehicles in the manner prescribed in the rules.

The notification states that in the case of heavy goods/passenger vehicles/medium goods and light motor vehicles, it will be displayed on the upper edge of the left-hand side of the wind screen.

Whereas in the case of auto-rickshaw, e-rickshaw, e-cart and quadricycle, it will be mounted on the upper edge of the left-hand side of the windscreen, if it is present.

It Must be fitted on two wheeler too.

Whereas in the case of a motorcycle, it will be mounted on the designated part of the vehicle. It will be installed in 'Type Arial Bold Font' in yellow on a blue background.